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     Guacamole                                        8.75      
lunch special*  6.75

 the finest, freshest anywhere, served with your choice of totopos (chips) or warm tortillas
     Nachos Rancheros                         9.75
                              lunch special* 7.50
totopos (chips) with queso fresco, guacamole, chicken tinga, lettuce, crema, and housemade jalapeños en escabeche 
     Jalapeños Rellenos                       3.75
two housemade pickled jalapeños stuffed with tuna
     Pico de Gallo con Totopos     4.75
chunky fresh salsa with chips
     Quesadilla de Huitlacoche       9.75
“the truffle of Mexico”  with cheese and an elegant purée sauce of chile poblano and cream


         Ensalada de Jícama     
crisp and refreshing, a perfect mixture of crunchy
jícama with sliced oranges, mint, and a hint of red chile, with a seasonal garnish of pomegranate seeds
Ensalada de Aguacate                              6.95
diced avocado tossed with tomatoes, onion,
chile, croutons, and lime-juice vinaigrette
       Ensalada de Pollo                                          10.95
grilled breast of chicken with greens, white onion, tomato, and avocado, with our lime juice vinaigrette

Ensalada de Taco                                            6.75
crisp tortilla shell filled with
refritos, romaine, guacamole, cheese, onion & cilantro, and your choice of taco meat (below)
       Ensalada Caesar                                   7.95
              with Grilled Breast of Chicken  10.95
the Tijuana classic, romaine lettuce and a creamy dressing with aged cheese and our own crunchy croutons

      Sopa de Lima                                            5.75
Yucatecan chicken and vegetable soup flavored with lime
Sopa de Verduras                              5.75
vegetable soup with mushrooms & green squash, served with all the usual aromatics
       Sopa de Camarones                         10.95
shrimp in a zesty red
chile guajillo broth, finished with cream
      Pozole                                               7.00
flowering corn kernels in a stew with chicken or pork

Casual Favorites

your choice of
     Carne Asada     grilled beef
Pollo Asado     grilled chicken
     Carnitas          chunks of pork slow cooked according to an old Puebla family tradition
     Chorizo       housemade sausage
Tinga Poblana       pulled chicken in a chipotle sauce
     the Taco Sueño    sautéed wild mushrooms, roasted poblano peppers, and queso fresco (fresh cheese)
al Pastor      chile-marinated pork with a touch of grilled pineapple
served with guacamole, chopped onions and cilantro
3.00 each or three for 8.00
                    lunch special*  three for 6.00

     Tacos de Pescado (fish) or Camarones (shrimp)
with red cabbage, guacamole,  and crema, Baja California-style (the other tropics)
             3.50 each
      lunch special*  3.00 each

for two, 22.50      for three or more, 29.50
warm tortillas, salsas, quacamole, onion & cilantro, beans, choice of taco meats, all the fixings for roll-your-own tacos

  Enchiladas de Pollo 
lunch special* 11.95
three tortillas filled with chicken and prepared
a la suiza (salsa verde, crema, and queso fresco), or in a  sprightly salsa roja made with chile guajillo.  Garnished with romaine lettuce, avocado, white onion, radishes, queso fresco, and our own housemade crema.
If you prefer, we will prepare:

       Enchiladas de Bistec        15.00 
lunch special* 12.95

 pulled beef with salsa de chile pasilla
       Enchiladas de Queso      
lunch special* 11.95

 Oaxacan string cheese with salsa roja

               The Burrito Sueño
wild mushrooms, roasted poblano chiles, fresh cheese, Mexican rice, pinto beans, avocado, and a dreamy garnish
13.00         lunch special* 10.95
We will gladly prepare a burrito with any of our taco meats (above) in place of the mushrooms and roasted poblanos
13.00         lunch special* 10.95
with a taco meat plus mushrooms and poblanos,
14.00         lunch special* 11.95
with shrimp or fish
       lunch special * 12.95

Quesadillas Norteñas
large wheat flour tortillas filled with cheese and garnished with lettuce, tomato, queso fresco, and crema.  Your choice of

      Hongos (sautéed wild mushrooms)               9.00
      Chicharron con Calabacita (crisp pork rind and green squash)                                                                                                                                             9.00
      Pollo Asado ( grilled chicken) or
Tinga Poblana (chipotle chicken) , or Carnitas (pulled pork)                                                                                                               10.75 
Carne Asada (grilled beef)                           11.75                  
Camarones (shrimp) or Pescado (fish )      13.75
                  lunch special* 2.00 off any quesadilla

10.95          lunch special* 8.95
amazing sandwiches on a hand-crafted telera roll, with Oaxaca-style string cheese, avocado, refried beans, housemade pickled jalapeños, tomato, white onion, and romaine, and your choice of
Milanesa de Pollo
(chicken cutlet) or any of the taco meats (above)
The Breakfast Tortachorizo, eggs, and refritos on a toasted telera

The Yucatán Burger                   12.50
served on a toasted telera roll with chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomato, white onion, avocado, and sweet potato fries 

Platos Fuertes
Main Dishes

      Pollo Dorado a la Yucatán                            17.00
one-half chicken, crispy and golden, with a tropical chile habanero dipping sauce, pineapple slaw, and fries.

      Arrachera Asada, Salsa de Chile Pasilla       20.00
hanger steak grilled to your taste, served with a dark, tangy chile pasilla sauce, the perfect complement to beef.  Sweet potato fries and grilled vegetables complete the dish. 

      Cochinita Pibil                                               18.00
the jewel of Yucatecan cuisine:  pork with a spice and citrus rub wrapped in a banana leaf and slow cooked to melting tenderness, served with pickled red onions, warm tortillas, and black beans.

Basa a la Margarita   
firm white-fleshed fish marinated in tequila, lime, and triple sec, broiled, and served with lime butter,  ripe plantain purée, and French beans

     Callos de Hacha en Chipotle Crema
seared natural sea scallops with an elegant fresh tomato and chipotle purée sauce, served with black pasta

        Camarones al Mojo de Ajo                                      21.00
shrimp quickly roasted in a golden garlic bath, served with green rice

      Salmón Arco Iris
broiled Atlantic salmon fillet served with a mango and rainbow peppers salsa, and ripe plantain purée

Please ask your server for tonight’s specials.

                                                      Main Dishes are served with
                                    a green salad or Mexican rice and pinto beans

Ordenes Extras
 Arroz a la Mexicana con Frijoles                
Mexican rice served with pinto beans
side orders of crema, queso fresco,  or house salsa
guacamole, or totopos (chips)         1.50
taco meat added to any dish                 2.00
shrimp or fish added to any dish           2.50

*lunch special prices are available Monday through Friday from 11:00am to 3:00pm, eat in, takeout, or delivery.

                                                       Brunch at Yucatán

Huevos a la Mexicana
eggs scrambled with
pico de gallo, served with warm tortillas, refritos, and queso fresco

Huevos Motuleños
huevos rancheros from the Yucatán with crisp tortillas, black beans, fried eggs, a flavorful red salsa de chile habanero
, cheese, and avocado

Huevos Ahogados
eggs  poached in a vibrant red salsa with yerba buena (Mexican mint)

Huevos y Bistec
eggs any style atop a breakfast rib-eye steak, served with
salsa de chile pasilla and platanos fritos

Pozole a la Yucateca
flowering corn kernels with chicken in a rich red chile broth and all the usual soup garnishes

crisp tortillas tossed with salsa verde and cheese, with your choice of chicken, beef, or carnitas

Breakfast Burrito
a hearty wrap with scrambled eggs, roasted poblanos, black beans, and
queso cotija

Tostada de Salmón Ahumado y Huevo Duro

tostada with smoked salmon, goat cheese, and hard-cooked eggs

Tortitas de Elote con Tocino y Miel de Agave
fresh corn cakes with bacon and agave nectar

Enchiladas de Jaiba
crab meat wrapped in tortillas and sauced
a la Suiza – with green salsa and our house-made crema --  and topped with melted cheese

                                  Choice of one main course from the list above
                    plus as many visits as you wish to our beautiful salad buffet,
                                                          $15.95 per person

                                 Unlimited Mimosas or Bellinis with Brunch, $9